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Are behavioral, performance or relationship issues preventing you or your team from reaching your goals?


Do you ever wonder what you might achieve if you could all just get along?

  Groups that work well together are a vitally important component of the workplace. The ability to create high functioning relationships is one of the most important components to creating harmony and achieving your goals.
  It's simple. The likelihood of extraordinary success is far greater when an individual or group functions and co-exists well, and it's far less likely when they function or behave badly.
  And while some people seem to possess a greater capacity for building good relationships and functioning more effectively, most everyone is capable of learning and developing this skill set.


Interpersonal ineffectiveness lowers everyone's performance and directly impacts personal and organizational success - and it can be expensive.

  Relationship issues arise in every workgroup. It's inevitable. Yet, left unchecked, they can drain you and your team's energy, erode your business, damage client relationships and cost you people, time and money.
  Studies have shown that up to 30% of a manager's time can be spent handling inter-personal conflict and that hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are lost each year to inter-office disputes.
  Turnover is significantly higher in workplaces where poor behavior is tolerated and conflicts remain unaddressed. And it can cost you up to 150% of your employee's salary to recruit, hire and train a replacement.


Imagine what you might accomplish if you could create a climate of greater harmony, team work, and trust - in which the positive energy of your group was focused on building great relationships, collaborating successfully and accomplishing goals.

  That vision can become a reality.
  There is a way to achieve greater individual and team effectiveness.
  A vital link between psychological hardiness and success does exist and that hardiness can be cultivated and developed.


Positive behavioral change involves a process and a commitment.

  Mary O'Neill and Associates Professional Development Training and Coaching Programs are a proven method for building and maintaining healthy, productive and high functioning working relationships.
  We partner with you to tailor your approach.


Mary O'Neill and Associates has the expertise and tools to help you turn an ordinary workplace into an extraordinary environment where professionals can grow and thrive.

  If you'd like to learn more about how Mary O'Neill can help you become a more influential manager or leader, or help your team create a culture of greater harmony, trust and cooperation, please call us today at 415.298.1834
  Mary O'Neill will be happy to discuss your situation on the phone at no charge.